Business Fields

100% Oil-free Skin Care

In 1987, ORBIS had a strong belief that “oil-free” was the key to unlocking the skin's full potential, which led to the creation of our 100% oil-free skin care products. This was a revolutionary idea at the time, and ever since we have continued to progress.
As a result, we made a scientific discovery in 2012 that suggested that being oil-free was a distinct advantage in boosting the activity of skin enzymes. From a scientific perspective, the key to healthy and radiant skin is not skin care with oil content, but rather skin care with no oil.
This is why all ORBIS skin care products are a 100% oil-free.
Our 100% oil-free, skin enzyme-activating products  have continued to produce beauty that attests to their effectiveness.


We only produce the items that the skin needs and that are really good for it. It is this principle behind ORBIS's endeavors that also allows us to be thorough in all aspects of developing make-up products. Our base make-up does not use oil that is easily oxidized, is fragrance-free, and does not use any ultraviolet absorbing agents.
Our lipsticks are made without any coloring that may damage the lips. Our nail polishes contain treatment ingredients, but are toluene-free. It has always been our hightest priority to verify all safety factors based on scientific evidence when selecting ingredients and formulas in order to guarantee high-quality products

Health Food

The main concept behind ORBIS's health food lineup is to provide the nutrients that are missing from modern-day diets as easily as possible. With careful consideration of size, shape, and taste, all products are designed for keeping the body healthy, and can be enjoyed every day. It goes without saying that we have established a large number of safety standards, such as not using any synthetic additives or synthetic coloring, etc., for all of our products.
Our diet products have also been developed with much consideration given to nutritional balance. We at ORBIS provide full support to ensure that users are able to lead healthy lifestyles, such as providing a good balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption and making sure that the body is provided with everything it needs, in order to nurture the goodness contained within the body and to ensure that it maintains its natural beauty and levels of health.


Our bodywear product planning is based on an idea we call "human engineering" and places emphasis on functionality. We expend much effort on researching and modifying a wide range of pattern-making and cutting processes to ensure that they match up perfectly with the contours of the modern female figure. Our lineup is designed to prevent misalignment when moving and to maintain the perfect silhouette at all times.
A sense of "comfort" when clothes are first put on is also a function. With this in mind, we carefully select materials that are soft to the skin and close attention is paid to the positions of the hooks and seams, and we are in constant quest of manufacturing technology to provide our garments with the durability to be worn for two or three years.

Direct Marketing

The basis of ORBIS's marketing strategy is to involve ourselves in direct marketing that create even deeper relationships with our customers. With the use of our catalogs, on-line shops, and ORBIS THE SHOP, etc., we have established various communication forums that enable us to come into direct contact with our customers at all times, which allows us to collect together their opinions and requirements so that we can create the pages that provide the most appeal, create the services and products that exploit the opinions of our customers, and create our stores. We at ORBIS hypothesize and verify the voices of our customers on a daily basis to guarantee that we are able to provide the very best products and services.

Aiming at Faithful Services

One of the first questions we asked ourselves when ORBIS was founded was how our customers place orders easily and pleasantly. In addition to enabling orders to be placed via telephone and postcard, the first thing we established was a free delivery service at our expense.
Moreover, we also set our return and exchange policy time frame to thirty days in the event of customers not being satisfied with the products they had purchased. The reason for this is that skin condition changes every day, and the turn-over period required to show the true effects of skin care is twenty-eight days. It was both the wish and sense of responsibility that we had at ORBIS, together with the confidence that we had in our products, that made us want our customers to fully understand and experience the superior quality of our products before coming to the decision to continue using them.
We also established a policy in which nearly all of our products could be tried out free of through sample service. We believed that this provided our customers with the opportunity to try out the products and then continue to use them once they were convinced of their effectiveness.
In order to cater to the demands of customers who wanted to receive our products as soon as possible, we started a system in which orders are sent out the following day at the earliest on a nationwide basis, including to Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kyushu.
We also enabled orders made from personal computers and smartphones to be picked up at convenience stores.
We are constantly considering what we can do to obtain the trust of our customers. This is the source of the concept behind the faithful services that we at ORBIS provide.


Our outlet,"ORBIS THE SHOP",was concieved from the desire to get as close to our customers as possible. The first shop was opened in the metropolitan area in August 2000, and they have since spread throughout the country.
We leave no stone unturned in our effort to create faithful shops in which customers can try out ORBIS products and services themselves, consult with our sales staff in an informal manner, and enjoy a sense of comfort while they are shopping.

ORBIS's Overseas Expansion

We are currently expanding our business overseas to spread our 100% oil-free skin care products to other Asian regions.
In 2006 we started a mail-order service in Taiwan before opening a shop there the following year.
In 2008 we entered Asia’s largest market, China, where we now have full-scale operations in place with a focus on e-commerce.
Then, with the growing prospects of the ASEAN market we began business operations in Singapore in 2013.
ORBIS has gained a positive reputation in Asia for it's high quality products that are highly effective and gentle to the skin.
Going forward, we aim to keep a global outlook as we strive to continue expanding the ORBIS brand around the world.

REFORESTATION Giving Back to the Earth

Paper resources produced by forests are indispensable to our business. In order to give back to the forests for the paper resources we use, ORBIS has started tree-planting activities. We established a CSR Committee Environmental Team comprised of our employees, and began our support program for tree-planting organizations in April 2002 under the approval of OISCA International, which in turn promotes reforestation activities in the Asian and Pacific regions.
In addition to providing a percentage of our profits as activity funds, volunteers from our workforce get together every year to plant trees and clear shrub-land in Yamanashi Prefecture.
We have been involved in a new project called "Reforesting Mt. Fuji" since 2007, which is attempting to re-plant native forests to the woodlands skirting Mt. Fuji that suffered greatly from insect damage. In addition to our activities in Japan, we are participating in the Forest for the Children project that is taking place in the Republic of Fiji, which provides support for the mangrove forests and environmental training. Being a part of these forestry projects has not only brought us a clear understanding of the importance of protecting irreplaceable resources for the children of the future, but has also provided us with the opportunity to be a part of a globalcommunity.


ORBIS has kept packaging simple with minimal use of wrapping and outer boxes ever since its foundation. We believe in continuing this method in order to reduce the use of resources and the creation of waste. We have turned our backs on the general concept of outer packaging of cosmetics as an important element, and have provided our customers with a product that is easy to access and use.
This policy not only reduces the burden on the environment,but also has the advantage of lowering the overall cost of our products, enabling us to provide reduced prices to our customers.
In addition, we provide refill packs for skin care products, make-up products and our line of nutritional supplements, as far as the characteristics of the product will allow.
We have also developed household detergents made from 100% biodegradable ingredients that do not contaminate rivers or oceans,and have established other initiatives so that a cleaner environment can be passed down to the next generation. The products we supply are used every day throughout our lives.
Because of this, it is our intention to do what we can and as much as we can on a step-by-step basis to ensure healthy skin and a healthy planet. We will continue our research and development to ensure that our glorious planet continues on into the future.