1984 Jun Establishment of ORBIS Inc.
1987 May Launch of mail-order service.
1991 Nov Monthly information catalogue "La" founded.
1992 Jan Opening of IRT telephone order system.
1996 Jun Opening of customer information system.
1999 Sep Opening of e-commerce website "ORBIS THE NET".
Oct Introduction of computerized skin check system.
2000 Aug Opening of the first retail store "ORBIS THE SHOP".
2001 Feb Establishment of Orbis Korea Inc.
Jun Opening of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
2002 Apr Started to participate in the tree plantation activity at "Takeda forest" organized by Oiska.
2003 Jul Opening of Communication(Customer's voice) system.
2005 Oct Acquisition of 'Privacy Mark'.
2006 Jul Establishment of Taiwan Orbis Inc.
Sep Establishment of POLA ORBIS Holdings Inc.
2007 Jan Unveiled the brand slogan, "KIREINA-MIRAINI-ORBIS".
2008 Sep Establishment of Orbis Beijing Inc.
2009 Apr Monthly information catalogue "hinami" founded.
2010 Dec POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS INC. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
2011 Jun Launch reconstruction support activities of the Great East Japan Earthquake, "ITSUMO-project".
2012 Feb Opening of ORBIS West Japan Distribution Center.
2012 Jun Unveiled the new brand statement, "Oil Free Style",WE ARE.
2012 Aug Opening of ORBIS East Japan Distribution Center.
2013 Jul Establishment of ORBIS ASIA PACIFIC Headquarters PTE.LTD.
Nov Opening of the first retail store “ORBIS the Shop” in Singapore.
2015 Jan Development of our new corporate message “Change is beautiful”.
2017 Apr Monthly information catalogue “Sibro” founded.